RADtke CONstruction Services

At RADCON,we believe in doing things right. So we concentrate on what we do best: shop fabrication. We don't try to do it all - that's not our style.

Our aim is to remain the way we are: a small, well-managed company that can serve as a reliable backup team for our clients. This ensures 100% quality control over products that we ship. So, when you receive your work from us, you can be sure that it's done right the first time. That's a promise.


RADCON offers many services to support your fabrication needs. 


  • Clamps

  • U-Bolts

  • Transitions

  • Flange Plates

  • Barge Knuckles

  • Channel Shapes

  • Aluminum Bending

  • Caged Ladder Hoops

  • Tapered Radius Bends

  • Straight Radius Bends

  • Conductor Guide Cones


  • Riser Clamps

  • Riser Guards

  • Boat Landings

  • Barge Bumpers

  • Nav-Aid Decks

  • Job Shop Fabrication

  • Well Guide Templates

  • Stainless Steel Fabrication

  • Aluminum Fabrication


At RADCON, we have added a #18 Bertsch Plate Roll capable of rolling 2.75" plate. This machine is up and running and ready to roll. 

We are capable of rolling:

  • Plate Guides

  • Shims

  • Cans

Please call us for a quote.